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Education for Children

Future of a country and society depends on children because  they will be leaders and man-power of the country in future. So they should be provided good education. Good education teaches them to be manner, discipline and essential qualities of human life. Besides, good education makes people patriotic, social, kind, considerate and gentle, scientists, scholars, philosophers, etc. Thus, the whole nation as well as parents must contribute a lot to educate children properly.

Education should be designed and provided according to the need of the society, country, and children. In general education should try to create good and useful manpower in the future. But in particular, according to the need of the country, children must have many choices to take the subject. Their interests makes them different in the course of time. Country needs officials, administrators, engineers, planners, social scientists, teachers, etc. and the education should guide the children in their field of interests.

Parents must not discriminate their son and daughter for education. Getting education is improving human life. Education is rights for children. Government should bring some inspiring programs to attract parents and children.

Qualified teachers should be appointed in schools and collages. Everyone must understand the importance of education for all and education for children as well.