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School Bus Safety Tips

Every year, big yellow buses take to the roads from August to May to pick up children and take them to and from school. Riding the bus is a great way for kids to get to know neighborhood children as well as classmates. However, if the bus driver acts erratically or drives recklessly, it can put your son or daughter in serious danger due to the lack of seat belts and other safety features on a bus.

First, many people place their faith-and kids-in a bus because it is large and slow. While this does decrease the risk of accidents, not all bus drivers handle their vehicles safely. Thus, it is important to teach your kids certain safety protocol as well as remain aware to any problems that you may notice while putting your kid on a bus.

Next, ask your child about how kids act on the bus. Although school buses do not have seat belts, it is still important for children to remain seated at all times. If your child stands up or walks around while the bus is driving, a sudden stop or impact can throw your child to the floor. Additionally, it is also good for children to avoid standing or kneeling on seats, which can also prevent then from staying in their seats during an accident.

In addition, ask your son or daughter if children are disruptive on the bus, throwing things, yelling, and roughhousing. These actions can distract the bus driver, preventing him or her from giving complete attention to the road.

Also, when you put your child on the bus, make sure that there are no straps hanging from his or her backpack or lunchbox. Tragically, sometimes straps have been caught on bus steps or in school bus doors, which can lead to a child being dragged by a bus.

Bus drivers are responsible for the lives and safety of all the children on the bus. However, if they fail in their duty to you and your innocent son or daughter, they can seriously injure your child.