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Best Tips to Improve Your Children's Memorization Skill

Memorization is the very fundamental skill to learn any other skills. To learn reading and writing you need to memorize the letters. To sing a song, you need to memorize the lyrics. As it is important to improve memorization, we have some tips that you can apply, especially to improve your children's memorization skill. We hope that it will be useful.

The important point of memorizing is repetition. Ask your kids to repeat and do more practice to improve their skill in memorization. However, your involvement is also needed. Make sure that they hear anything you teach or say over and over again. You probably think that mentioning something in three times if enough. Yet, it is not when it deals with kid. Average adult might memorize something in which he or she only needs to hear what they are told in three times. Children are different. They need more often than adult.

You must be aware of the learning style which suits your children. Find out whether your children are typical of either visual learner or those who are easy to memorize through verbal-auditory methods, or through physical movements. If your children are typical of visual learner, you can help improve their memorization skill by using picture, image, or TV while you give information.

For auditory learners, you only need to tell them over and over again. This type of learners sometimes doesn't like reading. That is why you need to be more active to make their study time fun as they probably will be reluctant to read their textbooks. You can read their books and tell them about the materials by using real examples. Also, you can use music and songs to help them memorize something.

Try to improve their memorization skills by using some educative games, like cards, trivia, and blind jigsaw puzzle. The latest game, for example, is an effective game to improve their memorization skill. Firstly they are shown the complete picture. All they need to do is to memorize it before they start to re-arrange the puzzle. Of course they may not see the picture while they are doing the puzzle. Or, you can ask them to tell stories. Read to them a story. Then ask them to re-tell it to you.

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