The Equality of Women

Men and women are the two wheels of cart or two sides of the coin. In the absence of any of them, the world cannot go forward. nobody denies that men and women are equally important. however, women are not equal in our society. They are supposed to be the weaker sex. They are treated as inferior to men. In some offices they are not given job opportunity. Women should not be considered weak. Thy can do sports, business, etc. They are very active in many things. today more than eighty five percent women are housewives in South Asia. Many women are illiterate. So they are traditional. Something must be done to bring equality of women.

One important way to bring equality is to make the women educated. If the women are educated, they can understand things better than the uneducated women. Education brings equality.

Government can bring good policy for equality of women. If men and women are equal, society will be really ideal and people will be very food. We all should try to end the discrimination from society.